Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker and Tea Infuser with Spout

Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker and Tea Infuser with Spout
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Product Feature

  • SMOOTHER COFFEE, EVERY TIME – Cold brewing is 70% less acidic than hot brewing. And richer in taste. Our cold brewer extracts coffee concentrate which can be stored and mixed with an endless variety of beverages to create your own perfect, personal cup of joy
  • LOCKS IN FRESHNESS AND FLAVOR FOR UP TO 2 WEEKS – Airtight seal. Easy-access handle. Engineered to perfectly fit within your fridge shelf. Experience refined craftsmanship you can always count on
  • QUALITY YOU WON’T REGRET – 18/8 rust-free superfine dual-mesh, medical-grade stainless steel filter & cap. Extra-thick, lab-tested borosilicate glass. BPA-Free silicon airtight seal. Dishwasher safe. Professional home brewing has never been this easy: just mix and pour
  • ICED AND HOT TEA COMPATIBLE – Great for loose-leaf tea. Or tea bags. Brew it hot like a traditional teapot, or brew it cold in the fridge. Take your brewing & hosting skills to the next level.


Product Review

  • save money, make your own cold brew –
    I have never made a amazon review before but this thing is amazing so I wanted to share my thoughts. For the past 2 years I have been using a chemex/aeropress to take care of my caffeine needs. However I recently broke my chemex was looking at various “slow brew” coffee makers (clever, v60, press pot) when I decided I needed to switch to cold brew coffee. Drinking one cup of cold brew concentrate vs. three cups of hot coffee would save me bathroom trips. Also, I live in Arizona and hot coffee and summer don’t go together.
  • Just perfect!!
    I love, love, love, this coffee brewer. For cold brews it is perfect (the dimensions are measured for a perfect brew and it fits on the fridge shelf and with a snug lid) and I use it for hot brewing tea and coffee as well. I especially love the long insert that reaches to the bottom of my tall mugs, for brewing hot teas. (That’s actually what I bought it for.) And a bonus treat is that it exactly fits top to bottom inside a Klean Kanteen insulated water bottle. So you can hot brew your coffee or tea in that in the morning, then add your milk, etc, and you are ready to go. Just perfect!!
  • Elegant and simple
    Bought this as a gift for my mom for Christmas, and she loves it! The design is really simple and elegant, and it’s BPA free which is a huge selling point for a lot of health conscious people. The glass is very similar to that of a french press, making it very delicate and fragile. If you use a super finely ground coffee, some sediment may appear in your coffee, so I would recommend using a more coarse grind. It comes nicely packaged, with a recipe and instructions inside.


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