Humidifiers with Two 360° Rotatable Mist Outlets

Humidifiers with Two 360° Rotatable Mist Outlets
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Product Feature

  • 360° ROTATABLE DUAL NOZZLES:OXA humidifier circulates in two directions simultaneously. This feature ensures balanced humidification of your room no matter where the unit is placed. Air flows fast and gently to create consistent and natural comfort and infuse your room with clean moisturized air
  • WHISPER QUIET AND 23 HOURS OF CONTINUOUS AND SAFE OPERATION:OXA humidifier is specially developed to be whisper quiet and works up to 23 hours creating a calm and relaxing environment in the bedroom and ensuring a safe sleeping for your baby. The humidifier also shuts off automatically when detects low water.
  • LARGE 4L WATER TANK: 4L capacity effectively humidifies the air in small-medium size rooms like bedrooms and offices. This capacity allows humidifying throughout the night. You don’t need to worry about waking up to add water in the midnight
  • BENEFIT: OXA ultrasonic mist humidifier maintains the air humidity level between 40-60% to purify air, improve the respiratory system and keep your skin healthy. Recent studies have shown that keeping indoor air at an RH level of 40-60% reduces the survival of flu viruses on surfaces and in the air.
  • WARM TIPS: OXA humidifier is powerful and it is not suggested to put humidifier close to electrical appliances and add essential oil into the water tank

Positive Review

  • Help us breath better – With the dry fall and approaching even drier winter, this humidifier help us with a better night of sleeping by moisturizing the room. Having a quiet machine is the number one requirement as a constant hummer really keeps you tense even in your sleep; this one is quiet. The 2 rotatable outlets helps disperse evenly around the room, or to where it works quietly in the back for your benefits.
  • Increase moisture level in bedroom – The weather is dry in the winter months and especially my lip always cracks when I wake up every morning. I really need this machine to keep the moisture level high in the bedroom. I’m using purified water to fill it to produce the mist, which is adjustable. It works great since my lips and nose felt much better in the morning.
  • Good Output and Doesn’t get Moldy like Others – Good Humidifier! We have another very well known name brand one for our oldest daughters room, which gets moldy and gross after every 2-3 uses. We bought this one for our littlest daughter’s room and seems to require less cleaning. Its reassuring to know that the mold / other bacteria is not building up and getting put back into the air in her room. Output is good and consistent, similar to other brands that we’ve purchased.

Negative Review

  • Upon receipt and testing it indeed it was very quiet. I really need the humidifier for my 2 year old as prescribed by a specialist. My child suffers from severe post nasal drip and the humidifier help for comfort breathing at night. I have tried quite a number of humidifiers with no luck since they are loud. After using for less than a month this product the motor started to make a very loud noise and no longer operates.


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